Selected exhibitions
2011 Stars of tomorrow: Verge art fair, Brooklyn, Dumbo – Catalog
2010 Best of show: Winners of the 2010 Photo review photography competition, Philadelphia, The university of the arts.
2008 Musee de L’Elysee Lausanne, Switzerland. ‘Teen City, The Adolescent
2006 BAM – Jews in Brooklyn – Brooklyn, NY
2006 Haifa Museum TA, Israel – “mixed emotions” – catalog
2004 Zman L’omanot TA, Israel – “Love is in the air” – catalog
2003 The Robert Sanderson Gallery, London – Israeli contemporary art – catalog

2012   Photographia – Germen magazine. Enameled series
2011   AI- AP – The American Photography 27 Annual Book
2011   Image on book cover – Anna Marchesini’s new book
2009  Future Images – Edited and published by 24 ORE Motta Cultura srl, Milan

2011  PX3 Paris – exhibit of winning image & book publication of Gold and honorable image
2010  7&8 Prize. Winners of the 2010 Photo review photography competition

Musee de L’Elysee Lausanne, Switzerland and International Private collections