“Working with Davina was such a treat. She understood the exact ‘look’ we wanted to achieve, was energetic and easy-going. Her attitude and laughter made everyone at ease when having their photos taken. Her styling advice was spot on and we couldn’t be more happy with the beautiful images that now adorn our website. We look forward to working with Davina in the future.”
Petite Alma

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Davina–she was amazing–she had a lovely way with my daughter and took photos that really captured who she is. They are very natural and show her in a variety of poses and expressions. I was so pleased with the result and I think she is definitely the best children’s photographer I have seen. I can’t wait until my baby is old enough to sit up so I can ask Davina to take photos of my two girls together.”
Heather M

“I have been fortunate to work with Davina on three of her Projects, the Doudou project, the Mothers Day project and the Sibling project. She is friendly and easy going and puts the kids at ease. I loved that the sessions were very short, no more than 20 minutes, which was key to keeping the attention span of little kids and babies. In that short space of time Davina takes an amazing array of fabulous photos. In each case I had so many amazing photos to choose from it was almost impossible to narrow it down to my favorites.
Davina engages with her subjects and chats to them all while taking hundreds of photos – every session resulted in some more formal poses plus several casual shots that captured funny and intimate moments that really brought out the true spirit of my children…. she even convinced me to relax for the mothers day photo shoot and caught some rare and beautiful moments of my daughter with me (and my large pregnant belly). I have been thoroughly impressed with the final product and love her beautiful framing technique. What I think distinguishes Davina from other photographers is her effective process of organizing the various “projects”, keeping the shoot time simple and productive and then producing a staggering array of beautiful photos.
I love the simple backdrops and elegant framing style and how the various project photos all compliment each other. I will keep coming back for more until my kids are grown up!”
Diana D

“I adore my family & children’s portraits with Davina. They are some of my favorite possessions. They are intimate and reveal honestly my children’s youth and growth (I have 3 girls and she’s been photographing them twice or more a year for 5 plus years now). She also captures quite accurately the dynamics of our family in the family portraits. I feel so lucky to have her beautiful recordings of these stages of our lives. Her style is singular and unique. She is easy, personable and hardly directs or manipulates; she watches, sees and I suspect this is why her portraits are so true. Her brilliant work is affordable too, especially considering the results, and when comparing it to the other options available. I look forward to adding more of her pictures to our treasured collection in the years to come.”
Brandi B

“Davina has been photographing my family for the past three years. She has a way with capturing my children as themselves with character and personality, but with a natural, unposed quality that makes them special. It’s unusual to find a photographer who works in that style with children and Davina is amazing at it. No forced or fake smiles! She frames them beautifully and now we have a chronological series of are kids that artistic and stylish. We look forward to many more shoots with Davina!”
Lauren E

“I haven’t even received my order yet, but I am so happy! This image so perfectly captures the spirit of each of my children, it’s almost hard for me to breathe while looking at it. A friend just told me it looks like an ad for joy! Thank you, thank you, thank you…a million times”!
Dara S.